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Christiana Star is a popular presenter of workshops and seminars focussing on self-help, empowerment and personal growth. Her work provides useful guidance and resources for everyone wanting to achieve personal transformation and success on their own terms.

Participants will gain the insights and skills needed to take charge of their own healing and transformation. They will be able to develop practical psychological toolkits for managing their own challenges in life with confidence and realistic optimism. All events are interactive and will take individual concerns of the attendees into account.

Christiana’s events may be of benefit to the general public. They are also suitable for supporting the continuing professional development needs of practitioners in the allied health professions like nurses, medical practitioners, general therapists, counsellors etc. Within general corporate settings they can provide valuable psychological strategies and information for staff development and debriefing.

Seminars and Workshops

1. From Victim to Survivor to Thriver.
How to turn adversity and traumatic experiences into opportunities for personal reinvention, finding meaning and purpose and thriving in life.
2. Empowerment in Everyday Life.
The different aspects of personal power and skills needed for living with presence, inner strength and confidence.
3. The Power of Self-acceptance.
Perspectives and practical tips for boosting low self-esteem, developing self-compassion and living with authenticity.
4. Understanding Psychological Abuse.
The techniques used by abusers to draw in their victims; the mental, emotional and physical damage it inflicts; ways to regain a sense of self and practise personal sovereignty.

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Custom Presentations, Courses and Seminars

By arrangement, custom events can be created for other topics of psychological self-help, resilience and personal development. Contact Christiana to discuss the particular requirements of your group, organisations or company.

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