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Recover, Rebuild, Thrive by Christiana Star

Recover, Rebuild, Thrive

A practical guide for moving on from difficult life changes

Recover, Rebuild, Thrive is a comprehensive ‘how-to’ book for personal transformation, empowerment and success in the aftermath of trauma, pain and change. Using real life examples, Recover, Rebuild, Thrive provides inspiration, new perspectives and insights, practical tips and easy self-management strategies.

  • Find your way forward when life has changed
  • Bring clarity into confusion and uncertainty
  • Navigate obstacles with confidence
  • Let go of pain and helplessness
  • Develop new strengths
  • Claim your personal power and reinvent yourself
  • Create a new life from a position of wisdom and power

“I am impressed by Christiana’s insight, her extensive knowledge of psychological strategies and her ability to empathise with people affected by difficult change. Her self-help book “Recover, Rebuild, Thrive” is not only inspirational but also offers practical guidance to a wide range of readers.”

– Beatriz Copello, PhD, Psychologist, Author and Playwright

Are you ready to take charge of your own healing and transformation?

Recover, Rebuild, Thrive offers clear direction and reassurance that it is possible to transform adversity into an opportunity for personal growth, empowerment and thriving in life.