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Recover, Rebuild, Thrive

A practical guide for moving on from difficult life changes

Recover, Rebuild, Thrive is a comprehensive ‘how-to’ book for personal transformation, empowerment and success in the aftermath of trauma, pain and change. Using real life examples, Recover, Rebuild, Thrive provides inspiration, new perspectives and insights, practical tips and easy self-management strategies.

  • Find your way forward when life has changed
  • Bring clarity into confusion and uncertainty
  • Navigate obstacles with confidence
  • Let go of pain and helplessness
  • Develop new strengths
  • Claim your personal power and reinvent yourself
  • Create a new life from a position of wisdom and power
“ Christiana Star’s new book, “Recover, Rebuild, Thrive: A Practical Guide For Moving On From Difficult Life Changes” is an outstanding resource for navigating change and making a fresh start in life. Part 1 addresses ways to deal with grief, anger, anxiety, boosting self-confidence and creating change from within. Part 2 focuses on healing the past, creating meaningful purpose and living an empowered, rewarding life. Star’s message of hope and assurance is delivered with compassion and boosted by strategies designed to make a transformational difference in your life. I enthusiastically recommend this book. ”
- Rosalind Sedacca, CDC

Are you ready to take charge of your own healing and transformation?

Recover, Rebuild, Thrive offers clear direction and reassurance that it is possible to transform adversity into an opportunity for personal growth, empowerment and thriving in life.


  • Sophie Chenoweth

    I found this book so helpful. It’s full of practical strategies to improve your boundaries, self-esteem and sense of wellbeing. The case studies, in particular are compelling and I could relate to many of them. Thank you Christiana!


  • Liz Horncastle

    I’ve waited a lifetime to find a practical book like yours. The loop of painful recurring memories has now receded and I’ve grown to love myself again. I am set free and life is great.


  • Sarah Brown

    This book is great! The step by step practical exercises in each chapter were not only easy to understand… they worked!


  • Anne Raak, Psychotherapist and Coach

    Christiana Star is an expert when it comes to transforming depression, anxiety, and grief and bounce back. In her book, “Recover, Rebuild, Thrive”, she guides you through a profound process of transformation. The book is practical and easy to read. Christiana shares client stories, healing strategies, and techniques that are very helpful. I highly recommend the book for those suffering from psychological challenges.


  • Barbara Potts

    This book has heaps of worthwhile advise and a well written guide on how to adjust to life’s changes and challenges that help you cope with life’s adversities. The well structured chapters, including case histories, give a pathway to follow to make the future not so daunting, and the goal, ….confidence and transformation.


  • Rosemarie Nugent

    Christiana’s book is a useful tool to help those struggling with life’ many challenges. It is a simply written guide, offering practical strategies which can be used for a variety of issues.


  • Catherine Smith

    This book is like having an experienced, caring psychologist on tap day or night. I’m sure it will reach and help many people, some of whom may be hesitant or unable to seek professional help. Thank you Christiana for your time and effort in producing this gem.


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