The way to inner peace, strength and a rewarding life is not always easy, but with help it can be done!

  • Find your way after a difficult life challenge
  • Bring clarity into confusion and uncertainty
  • Turn your pain into a source of strength
  • Discover a new empowered You
  • Be open to joy and new experiences
  • Move forward with confidence


Christiana Star

I am Christiana Star, psychologist and writer.

My work is dedicated to showing people how they can help themselves, deal with difficult life challenges and empower themselves.

Not sure how and where to start?

My self-help book Recover, Rebuild, Thrive, blog articles and workshops provide practical guidance to individuals who may be suffering or going through a tough time.


New Self Help Book!

Recover, Rebuild, Thrive

A practical guide for moving on from difficult life changes.

Make a fresh start, pick up the pieces and reinvent yourself with confidence.

“Christiana has been helping people deal with psychological stress for many years. In her work she demonstrates an extraordinary down-to-earth approach to self-help guidance for anyone facing a challenging event and wanting to move on from adversity”.

– Mary Ann Napper. Author of Born to Fly, the true story of an autistic boy and the therapies helping him

Recover, Rebuild, Thrive

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